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New, additions or replacements

Paving: The Process 
1) Existing Asphalt Driveways

  1. Exiting asphalt is removed and hauled away to a recycling facility. Due to our concern for the environment and the costs of material today this asphalt is reprocessed and is used as a process gravel as fill for construction work.
  2. We then regrade the driveway walking with the existing base. We will add up to 6” of new gravel if needed. Many residential driveways will not require much new base due to good compaction. However, others may require more ex-caution and move process gravel because of poor compaction, drainage issues due to usually high content soils. Our people are well versed if these issues arise..
  3. Compaction is the next process using a 3/5-ton vibratory roller. Plate compactions are used in small areas.
  4. We like to let the driveway settle after we have stripped and graded the driveway. We recommend 4 to 6 weeks before we pave. This will allow us to make any corrections (dips, drainage etc.) before the final process, which is paving. Many people ask if they will be able to drive on the newly graded driveway. Immediately after this will also allow for more compaction.

Paving Day:
We will regrade the driveway and add any additional process gravel if needed. At this point we re-compact the driveway. We hand rake and edge the sides, spray point string lines for crisp straight lines and leave a little stone on each side for support of the new asphalt. We will then pave with 2’R” of compacted asphalt. After paving the driveway it is taped off to ensure no one drives on the new asphalt. We recommend 17 days of no vehicles on the new surface. Walking on the new driveways the next day is fine but heavy objects are not recommended.

Chip Sealing

Chip Sealing

Chip Seal: (Oil &Stone) 
Chip seal driveways have been in existence for over 100 years. There are two types of Chip sealed driveways.

Type I: 
Over a compacted base we recommend 6/8 “ of process gravel compacted . Based on soil conditions it could be as high as 12“. To achieve proper compaction the base should be damp. A heavy oil is then applied. A light coating of aggregate stone is then spread on the oil and then lightly rolled in place. This process is repeated a second time.

Type II: 
Removing asphalt or if asphalt is in good condition will be decided by inspection. We may apply the oil process over the existing asphalt. Repairs may be made to existing asphalt such as crack filling, cutting and patching small pot holes and a general clean up. Remember if your driveway is crumbling or sinking the driveway is only as good as the base below it. If we need to re-move the old driveway we will regrade and add up to 6/8” of compacted process gravel. We then apply 2” of compacted asphalt. We usually wait 30 days after the asphalt is applied to apply the stone process. The reason for the wait is to allow the oil in the asphalt to balance off the top and allow tracing oil to bond to the asphalt. After tracing oil is applied stone is spread and lightly rolled in place. We suggest staying off the driveway for two to nine days to ensure proper curing.

New driveway or additions to your existing driveway: 
After the driveway has been marked out for the new or addition to your old driveway we excavate 8-10“. This is based on soil conditions. After excavation 1 ½ to ¾ process gravel is used to ensure good compaction. The stone is applied in lifts, usually 2 to 3“ at a time, with compaction after every layer is applied. The top layer is usually ¾ compacted. We recommend waiting 6 to 8 weeks before paving to ensure settling and compaction.


Offset Brick

Offset Brick

Herrringbone Brick

Herringbone Brick





Street Print™

texture-smL&M Paving has been an installer of the street print product for over five years. We became involved with this system due to customer request. Many customers would ask whether or not driveways could be paved with something other than asphalt, concrete, or pavers ( brick or concrete) . After many years of searching for an answer to this and a product we could support, we found street print and became a certified installer of the street print product.

Street Print™ is a textured asphalt. The process of installing the product is similar to the paving of a driveway. However, we will return the next day after paving to reheat the newly installed asphalt. After heating we lay a template on the surface and compact this in the heated asphalt. Patterns are available and will include brick, herringbone, cobblestone, etc. We will move the template continuously until the pattern covers the areas being printed. We install street print not only on driveways but walkways as well.

After the pattern is installed we can color the asphalt with epoxy. Many colors are available for this process. We recommend staying off the driveway for 4-7 days. This process can be used on driveways up to five years old.

Please click on the StreetPrint™ tab which will bring you on the street print website to see the latest products, patterns and colors.


duratherm-smHIGHLY DECORATIVE – inlaid thermoplastic with dramatic patterns + colors

NO MAINTENANCE BURDEN – lasts at least 3 times longer than normal thermoplastic

MINIMAL TRAFFIC DISRUPTION – installed + open to traffic in only 90 minutes per lane

SAFE – 100% ADA compliant + vibration free


DuraTherm™ is based on a far-reaching new technology developed by StreetPrint™. It is changing the way cities, towns, municipalities and commercial clients solve their high-traffic area surfacing problems. DuraTherm™ is ideal for crosswalks; for bus and other priority transit ways, such as bikeway delineation.

The U.S. Patent Office has allowed the patent for DuraTherm™. In simple terms, DuraTherm™ is a pre-cut, thermoplastic template (grid) that is heat-set into new StreetPrint™ imprinted asphalt. The result is an attractive and visible surface that is completely flush with the asphalt. DuraTherm™ is highly durable, vibration-free, snow-plow-proof and fully ADA* compliant. DuraTherm™ is fast and simple to install, can be installed at night, and the surface can reopen to traffic virtually immediately. In addition, a DuraTherm™ surface is safe. It has superior skid resistance that helps prevent slips and falls. DuraTherm™ is the only night reflective form of decorative crosswalk or traffic calming surface available.

All of these add up to savings in the form of lower installation costs, shorter traffic interruptions and fewer repairs. The most visible and highly appreciated feature of DuraTherm™ is its attractiveness. It is available in a variety of patterns and colors, allowing clients to show their own colors and choose their preferred patterns. The eye-catching appearance of the surface acts as one more safety feature. It is not easy to ignore a DuraTherm™ surface.


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StreetPrint’s patent pending SuperBond Application System, guarantees adhesion without scorching … every time!

Accurate Representation of your Brand
Highest Quality Product
LogoTherm™ uses the highest quality thermoplastics developed specifically for this application

  • Vibrant, fade resistant colours ensure your logo retains its proper appearance for year
  • Wear and crack resistant properties comparable to the highest quality thermoplastics used in high traffic roadways give your logo enduring value.
  • Reflectivity means that your logo is visible even at night
  • Skid and slip resistance for the safety of your customers
  • High technology manufacturing ensures that you get an accurate representation of your logo every time.

Our qualified graphic artists develop high quality digital versions of your image for each design. This digital information drives our high definition laser cutting process. The result is high precision, detailed images that accurately represent your logo.

StreetPrint™’s revolutionary reciprocating heating technology safely raises the thermoplastic temperature to its melting point without risk of scorching. This guarantees adhesion without degrading the image. StreetPrint™ process machines make it easy for our national network of licensed Applicators to apply this optimal heating over a large area so that absolutely all of the LogoTherm™ image is completely adhered to the substrate. This gives your logo the most enduring value possible.

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